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We are creating a mosaic for Valve, made up entirely of photos and images created by the community. We hope to achieve this by stitching together photos and images of the community by the community to form a mosaic of this image. We will then print a large high-quality canvas of the mosaic and give it to Valve in-person, as well as provide the full-size mosaic for free on this website.

The mosaic is being made to show the passion of the community towards Half-Life. Each segment of the mosaic will represent one of the many Half-Life fans in the world, and together they will form one of the most iconic Half-Life 2 images. In essence, in will be a 'product of our passion'.

If you have any questions, complaints or feedback, please feel free to email us at contact@messagetovalve.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why are we creating a mosaic for Valve?
A: We would like to tap into the community's creative side and make something fun and inspiring for both Half-Life fans and Valve. In addition, by gathering submissions, creating a mosaic and delivering it to Valve as a gift, we are supporting our original message (A Call for Communication) by drawing more attention to the issue and our cause.

Q: Where will my submission be used?
A: All approved submissions will be uploaded to a gallery for all to see, then later included in the full mosaic for Valve.

Q: Can I submit a picture or image of anything?
A: As long as the picture/image relates to Half-Life in some way, is appropriate (see rules and agreements here), fits within the given dimensions (more than 600 pixels horizontally and vertically) and is less than 2MB in size, the submission will be approved.

Q: Can I upload multiple times?
A: Yes! But make sure they vary in some way!

Q: Do I have to use the G-Man Cutout?
A: Not at all - we only provide the G-Man cutout for those who want to use it creatively (e.g. holding it in-front of a famous landmark).

Q: Can my submission contain blood/gore/violence?
A: Submissions can contain a light amount of these things, so long as it's not obviously offensive and/or contains real violence/graphic visuals. If you're not sure, it doesn't hurt to send it in. Just try to be thoughtful and use common sense before creating your piece.

Q: What is the deadline for submissions?
A: The deadline for submissions is at 23:59 GMT on August 10th 2012. We will need time to stitch together the mosaic and deliver it to Valve.

Q: Will the mosaic go on sale?
A: It is not our intention to make money off of the community's work, in any way. We'd love for all Half-Life fans to have access to a high quality mosaic. However, everyone will eventually be able to download a high quality image of the mosaic that can be printed at home or used for other purposes.

Q: Will the mosaic be available online in full size?
A: Yes; we will eventually upload a full size, high quality image of the mosaic on this website.

Q: How will the mosaic be delivered to Valve?
A: The mosaic will be printed on a large, high quality canvas and delivered to Valve in-person.

Q: What if I want my photo, or a photo with my copyrighted material in it, removed?
A: If you would like your submission, or a submission of someone else that is using your copyrighted material without permission, removed from the gallery and kept out of the final mosaic, please send us an email at contact@messagetovalve.com with the subject "Upload Removal" using the same email address you used to upload your image originally (in the case of copyright infringement, please provide details of the copyright in question). We will not be able to remove any uploads from the mosaic after the deadline, but you may still make a request if you want it removed from the gallery.

Q: Why aren't we playing another game, like the "A Red Letter Day" event?
A: By choosing a completely different direction and purpose for Half-Life fans, we hope to keep things fun and interesting. This project will be much longer and more ambitious than the previous event, and hopefully more rewarding and interesting for everyone involved.

Rules, Conditions & Agreements


Conditions & Agreements

If you have any questions about any of the rules or conditions & agreements listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@messagetovalve.com.